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Type of Paints – Nippon & ICI


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Paint may be the easiest way to transform a space, but a great “paint transformation” requires a lot more thought than just randomly using multiple layers. For long-term results, think about wants and needs, and of course, the look you want to achieve. Since there are many types of paints in the Singapore market with different characteristics, you should probably know the following:

Water-Based Paint

  • Water-based paints, also known as latex paints, are composed of water-based pigments and binders. This is a very common paint option because it is easy to use. It has excellent color retention and resistance to cracking.
  • You can use water-based paints in place of existing oil paints. However, be careful because there may be problems with adhesion to the existing paint layer.
  • It dries faster than other paints and can be easily washed off with water.
  • Water-based paints prevent mold growth, have low toxic emissions and are odorless.
  • Water-based paints are used for DIY work and painting walls, ceilings and floors.

Oil-Based Paint

  • Oil-based paints are made from either natural linseed oil or synthetic alkyd oil. It is composed of pigment and resin in a diluent.
  • It can be used on almost any type of surface. Especially recommended for damp areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.
  • It has a smooth and durable surface with a beautiful gloss. But, it takes longer to dry and cannot be washed with water. This paint also has a stronger odor.


Nippon paint

With over 120 years of paint manufacturing experience, Nippon Paint is one of the most popular and trusted paint brands in Singapore. They offer local solutions and stylish color designs.

It is a trendy brand of interior paints from Japan. There are many people who enjoy using this product. All paints and varnishes of this company are made from quality materials—That’s why they are much resistant to any environmental influences. Many buyers are happy with this product because this painting can stay on for a long time. This way, you don’t have to repaint your interior when using Nippon Paint products. There are many areas in Singapore where you can buy all of this company’s products. This makes sense because these products are very popular with many Singaporeans.

Dulux paint

Dulux is owned by the world’s leading coating manufacturer AkzoNobel (formerly owned by ICI Paints) and is renowned for its quality and range. Their color card has thousands of shades, and they have coatings for every room. Dulux Ambiance All (Rich Matt) is a luxurious, odorless, durable and washable interior wall paint.

This brand is a combination of ICI and Dulux. The two companies merged several years ago to produce high-quality ICI Dulux products. This brand has many great products. You can find many painting colors provided by this painting brand. This company has won numerous awards in this country. These awards showcase the reputation of this brand. Many people are very happy with the result of their painting when using ICI Dulux for interior painting.

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