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Door Painting Service


What We Do

  • If you’re looking for an incredible way to give your home a new look, look no further than doors! Whether it is interior or exterior doors your home, painting your doors can make a huge difference to the look of your home. This is a quick and easy way to update your look without extensive renovations.
  • Our company is specialized in interior and exterior door painting, spray painting and wood staining in Singapore. You get a quality finish with high-quality paints. We provide door spraying service near you at an affordable price. All types of staining services are available in Singapore.
  • Typically, inside or outside doors can be painted differently in Singapore. Some people only like stains, varnish, shellac, or glossy spray paint.

Book Our best door painting service in Singapore

  • Our professionally trained team works quickly and reliably at competitive and affordable prices. They are expert at working with all kinds of finishing paints, from oil paints to acrylic latex finishing paints. Regularly painting the finishes will help keep them looking good and presentable – sanding, repairing cracks and filling holes will make your doors and windows look as good as new. Special paint for a brushless finish with a glossy finish provides a drip-resistant and non-yellowing finish.

    We also provide garage door painting, cabinet door painting, front door painting and all kind of door painting service in Singapore. Whether it’s a sliding pocket door, solid wood door, or French doors, Cheap Home Painters can make them magic look and brand new in no time.

What’s included in our door painting service:

  • Check the condition of the doors and agree on the scope of work and price with the customer.
  • Protect the painting area by moving furniture/objects and covering with protective material
  • Prepare the doors by sanding, filling holes or cracks, and repairing minor scratches, if any.
  • Painting and polishing doors and door frames on both sides with standard paint and polish of the same color; and
  • Cleaning after painting

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There are many reasons that you have to consider when choosing the best paint company in Singapore. Read customer reviews to find the best company in your area. You also need to select the best paint products from these high-quality paint service companies.

Trust Home Painting Service Singapore for all your painting needs, we promise to go beyond your expectations. We use high-quality paints and are about your property and trust. Contact us and receive no obligation Quote!



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